Our products

Kombucha is a relatively new product in western countries but the market is growing fast. New small and local companies are opening its doors everywhere. We develop products for these passionate entrepreneurs to help them scale up their production and ensure they have the best product.


magik juice

Magik Juice is our solution for most of the problems kombucha producers face every day, like alcohol control, lack of space, time and money. Besides that, it's certified organic and we can export it anywhere in the world.

This product is a highly fermented perfected kombucha product. High tea concentrations and long fermentation times make this product perfect (and guaranteed) for making non-alcoholic kombucha at home or in your kombucha business. The product is ready as soon as it’s mixed with your tea and sugar. 1L can make up to 20L of non-alcoholic and stable kombucha (good for 6 months and no problems with over-fizzing). The pH ranges from 2,45 to 2,55.

BONUS: Brett Party MIX - To be used with the Magik Juice to make bottled fermented kombucha. 1 oz is enough for 25 gallons and lasts 6 months.

Write to us to discover the magic of the Magik Juice or check our Youtube video.


copacking kombucha / schrubs / coldbrew coffee

Do you have a bar and are looking to sell kombucha? Are you starting your kombucha company, but you lack the equipment or the necessary space, or you don't have a brewery yet? you can count on us to brew for you.

We can brew kombucha, schrubs, coldbrew coffee or any other beverage of your choice. You can use our services to develop a recipe for you or we can brew your own recipe.

Write to us to find out more about our copaking service.


Scoby (mother kombucha)

The famous scoby. The basis for every kombucha. We can produce in bulk for kombucha producers or few units for homebrewers. The small Scobys have 5 inch in diameter and about ¼” thick, they come with 6oz of liquid and are wrapped in a sealed bag. Shelf life is 6 months refrigerated.

Write to us to order our scobys.