The most efficient way to make kombucha

Manna-K is the most efficient way to make kombucha

It reduces your production time, while saving you money, time and effort. Using it ensures you will have a stable, consistent and delicious product. 

It is certified organic by Ecocert and we can export it anywhere in the world.

What is it?

Manna-K is a highly-fermented perfected kombucha product, an alcohol-free organic-acid bank. With its high tea concentration and long fermentation time, Manna-K is perfect (and guaranteed!) for preparing kombucha in your kombucha business. 

Its ingredients are water, sugar, green tea and kombucha culture. That’s it! 

Manna-K can be stored at room temperature for 6 years.

Why would I use it?

There are three main ways to use Manna-K:

  1. Stretch your kombucha and lower its alcohol content
    By using the organic acids bank, you can transform 100L of your kombucha into 400L, with an alcohol level below 0.5% ABV.

  2. Accelerate your fermentation
    Ferment your product for as little time as you want: 1, 2 or 3 days, then add Manna-K to get the acidity levels of your choice.

  3. Bypass the fermentation cycle
    By using it this way, you won’t need to ferment your product: we’ll do it for you! As a result, you will have a very stable kombucha with less than 0.1% alcohol. Also, you can use any type of sugar (even stevia). This is the best solution if you want to produce your kombucha with a co-packer.

Manna-K clients can count on our full support to show them how to use it.

Watch our video on Manna-K and how to use it:


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